J & A DePrey Construction

J & A DePrey Construction approached me about getting a fresh start. Once we analyzed the situation, we were able to put a plan together and achieve amazing results. Website creation, brand/logo updates, and more.


Scope of Work


During our consultation, I worked with James and Annamarie to understand what their business needed to see success online. We determined that building a website, a Facebook page, and a Google business page were key to their success. In addition to this, I worked with them to update their logo and branding.

Meeting Room
J&A Website Screenshot.jpg

Website Design and Build

For this project, I worked with the clients to determine what information and services needed to be put onto their website. I used updated branding to create the aesthetic and pictures/information provided by the clients. Working closely with James and Annamarie I was able to publish the website in two weeks.

Updated Branding and Graphics

With this project, J & A DePrey Construction wanted their branding to convey a sense of professionalism, expert craftsmanship, and quality. Together we came up with the slogan, "built to last" and the rest came together easily. With the new design, they were able to print new business cards, create t-shirts, and have a custom logo and banner for Facebook and their website.

J&A design Screenshot.jpg